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Sunmax Self-Propelled Floor Scrubber RT50D Reviews in Floor Scrubber USA



I bought the 22” self-propelled RT-50D scrubber online. I was not sure what to expect, if honest.

What I got was a top notch product and the best customer experience I have ever had! I am completely thrilled at the performance of the RT-50D, and everyone aspect of the purchase has been wonderful. (An aside: I can’t say enough good things about Mandy, the support person who helped me. Any business that has people as good as she is is very fortunate!)

Any hesitation I had about buying this product sight unseen is gone. I could not be happier that I did!

Andy B., Minneapolis 

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Excellent choice
This order process and transaction was rather easy. When I ordered it gave us an expected ship date but arrived about a week earlier. We have used the floor scrubber multiple times. We love how easy it is to setup and use. We have a daycare with a massive gym floor area to clean and this scrubber has made the mopping process much easier. Highly recommend.

From New V.

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Sunmax Ride-On Floor Scrubber RT70 Reviews in Floor Scrubber USA


The machine is very affordable, dependable and durable. My team is very pleased with the performance. Special thanks to Mandy for her exceptional care and customer services.

From Luis R.

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Surprise, surprise, surprise!

I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this unit but once up and running , it has been awesome. The use in narrow space and confined areas in exceptional.

Todd S.

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Sunmax floor scrubber RT50 Reviews in Floor Scrubber USA

Great Machine!  I love using my RT 50 floor scrubber. I use it in our helicopter hanger. Great scrubbing power, easy to steer and use, vacuum picks up all the solution and debris. Nicely built and enough battery to do my floors twice between charges. I’m glad I got this machine.

From Jon S.

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floor scrubber rt50-01.png

This scrubber is great! it has worked flawlessly and was half the price of many used machines we considered. We couldn't be happier. A great value!

From David K. 

floor scrubber-03.png

Love it, best purchase ever for our new church. 

From Linda R.​

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Industrial Floor Sweeper Review in Floor Scrubber USA

Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 6.42.21 PM.png

5 star review from Eddie Offermann: Great sweeper and over-the-top customer service. I've only had this one for a day, so I don't have a long-term report on it, but in initial testing, I was surprised by how amazing of a job it does on my shop and workshop floors - besides a few sections of 100-year-old hardwood flooring, a lot of my floors are thick plate steel.

Where am I using it? I have a house with a roughly 6000sf attached shop, warehouse, and multipurpose space that I do everything from leatherwork to carpentry to 3d printing and light electronics fabrication in, so on the scale of "warehouses" it's small, but it's a lot for me. Between ordinary dust, coarse and fine sawdust, scraps of packing material (cardboard, paper, styrofoam), leaves and other debris that get tracked in, it's really hard to keep up!

This thing is gonna be a lifesaver. I cleaned a few areas last night that would ordinarily take a good bit of effort with a garage broom and a dust mop and shop vac and it got WAY more of the light dust that I don't get up with other methods.

This morning, I took it out into the parking lot that's currently COVERED in leaves (and wet). It easily made a clean path through it, collecting the leaves in the bin making it easy to dump. Wet leaves obviously aren't ideal - they're heavy and quickly get clumped up - but it was a great test for one of the main reasons I originally purchased it: I get heavy leaf debris outside during fall and really wanted something that would make for quick and easy cleanup. This works!

The sweeper folds up nicely for storage and transport - that was an unexpected benefit. The handle folds down by loosening a couple knobs and it sits on its end. There's even a carry handle which makes it easy to carry through doorways or other narrow areas that it wouldn't easily roll through. It's heavy but not unwieldy.

And now for the customer service: The first unit I received had been mishandled by the carrier who ignored the "this end up" and "handle with care" markings - the box was mangled, even the styrofoam packing inside had been broken up, and one of the brush mount arms was badly damaged. I reached out to the seller on Saturday fully expecting it to be Monday before I heard back, but I heard back almost immediately. The seller apologized for the carrier's carelessness, asked if I wanted a replacement, I said yes, and that was that! I had a replacement on Wednesday - no quibbling about shipping back the original (huge, heavy) unit. I'm so used to companies using "buyer pays return shipping" as a way to try to get out of replacing broken products that this was liberating.

I'd buy from them again, without question. 

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